Xeriscape landscape: “Xeriscaping”

Typically when people think of gardening and landscaping their minds tend to wonder off to the investments it requires: time, money, and resources. One of the main resources many people believe gardening and landscape work requires is a large amount of water. However, there is an increasing popularity for landscape that reduces your use of water. A new term has surfaced which classifies landscaping that saves water as xeriscape landscaping, or “xeriscaping”. Simply put, “xeriscaping” is considered landscaping designed specifically for areas that experience droughts, or for areas that participate in water conservation. Now do not let yourself believe it is limited to just these areas. “Xeriscaping” can be practiced anywhere. Overall, conservation is becoming a very hot topic in our culture and it seems as though people are always looking for the next new way to become more “green”.

Different Ways to Conserve Water When Landscaping

It may seem like an impossible task but breath; it is actually quite easy! Below are just a few helpful tips to help you beginners in order to start conserving water right away.
1. Select plants that are native and or plants that have a low requirement of water.
2. Try to stay clear of the larger plants and go with planting smaller plants.
3. Avoid excessive amounts of watering.
4. Always keep up with your landscaping. This will allow plants to remain healthy and not be overtaken by weeds.
5. Keep an eye on your soil ensuring it is at its best quality. This will allow the soil to better absorb water and help plants form deeper roots.

Hidden Benefits of Water Conservation

While it is great to “go-green” and save water while landscaping; there are other benefits to water-saving landscaping, or “xeriscaping”. A major pay-off will be a lower amount of yard pests. If you keep your landscaping maintained there will be less risk of having pests in your yard. Unfortunately, no matter the regional climate you live in there will always be pests of some kind. The good news is that if you do find your area to be affected there are yard pest control professionals able to assist your property. The Bug Masters, Austin exterminators, are extremely popular with over 35 years of experience to stop termites, bedbugs, and rodents. Pest problems are much more common than people tend to realize and this company is there for their customers. They are ready to help people become bug-free whenever in need.